Adult Use: How to Order Ahead and Pick up Curbside

By: Matt D.
May 25, 2020

Hello folks, welcome back to ATG! Starting on Tuesday, May 26, recreational purchases will be done on a curbside basis during phase 1 of the Governor's re-opening plan (expected to last 3 weeks). Following this initial phase, we will be open to walk-ins similar to before the shut-down. Please make note of our new procedures for recreational curbside ordering if you plan to make a purchase during the next few weeks.

1. Click this link to place your order. Make sure you choose the dispensary that you plan on visiting!

2. After your order has been placed, you will receive a text and an email that will confirm your order and will list your final price, including tax.

3. Once your order is ready, you will receive a second text, notifying you that it is time to visit the dispensary. Save this text -- it will contain a link you will click once you arrive at the dispensary, notifying us that you have arrived. Please note that from this point, you will have one hour to arrive at ATG. Unclaimed orders will be canceled after 60 minutes.

4. When you arrive at our parking lot, click the link in your text message to let us know you’re here, and we will bring your order to the front of the building.

5. Wait for a text from a member of ATG’s staff. We will let you know when your order is ready, and then you can approach the entry of the building to complete your transaction.

Please take note of the following important Rules and Regulations before arriving for your curbside pickup:

  • All transactions will occur in the lobby area of each store. All customers to making a purchase will be required to wear a facemask or cloth face covering while inside the store. We ask you to be respectful of this policy. We will not be able to process your transaction without a face covering.
  • Orders can be placed for day-of pickup starting at 8:30 each day, and will be closed for the day at 5:30pm. The system will not let you place an order outside of this window, and you won't be able to order for the next day at this time.  
  • We need to keep our flow of traffic as smooth as possible. Please don’t arrive before you receive notification that your order is ready. Early visitors will be asked to leave the property until the appropriate time.
  • All transactions will be cash only. Please try to bring as close to exact change as you can. Our curbside attendants will carry less than $20 in change.
  • There is a $20 minimum purchase at this time.
  • Your order will be canceled if you do not arrive within 60 minutes of receiving notice that your order is ready. Please call if you’re running late.
  • Please be patient. We are implementing a lot of changes to accommodate the curb-side only requirement and the first few days we will be learning what works well and what doesn’t. We ask that you are respectful of ATG's staff and each other.