Covid-19 Precautions at ATG

By: Matt D.
March 13, 2020

We understand many of our patients and customers are concerned about their health and wellness amid the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak. We want to reassure everyone that ATG is taking this threat very seriously and is enacting CDC-recommended measures to help protect our communities. ATG is committed to ensuring a clean and safe environment for our customers and staff.

Below are some of the steps we are taking:

·       We have been cleaning all high touch surfaces multiple times throughout the day including exterior and interior door handles, counters, tablet menus etc.

·       We have increased deep cleaning by a third-party cleaning company from weekly to daily

·       We have installed additional hand sanitizers for staff and customers

·       Today we are installing surgical grade air purification systems at each retail location. These systems circulate 600 cubic feet of air per minute through 6 stages of purification, including UV-C (germicidal and viricidal). These systems provide maximum removal of virus, fungus, and bacteria airborne particulates.

·       We will be implementing several social distancing practices. These include:

o   asking customers to stand 6 feet away from each other while in line

o   we will provide stamp-wetting sponges with a mixture of bleach and water and ask customers not to lick their fingers before handling cash

o   We will be running using every other register in an effort to keep distance between customers and staff throughout each transaction

·       We have asked our staff to stay home if they have any symptoms of upper respiratory illness

·       These precautions go both ways. We are asking our customers if you are feeling unwell please do not visit our store. Instead, consider sending a friend or family member in your place.


This list is not exhaustive. We are currently evaluating additional measures that will protect our staff and community and will communicate these as they are implemented.

We will also be sending out a separate notification specific to our medical patients with additional important information shortly.