Final adult-use retail license

By: Chris Edwards
November 20, 2018

The Cannabis Control Commission voted to award a final license to ATG for adult-use sales at its Salem location today. This is another important milestone in the process, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to work diligently with our regulators to complete the additional steps which must be completed prior to commencing adult-use sales at this facility:

  1. ATG will now be authorized to purchase RFID tags from the state-approved seed-to-sale tracking vendor (METRC). Once we receive the tags, they will be implemented throughout our operation and tested to be sure the reporting is working correctly.
  2. At this point, ATG may also request approval from the Department of Public Health's Medical Use of Marijuana Program to transfer a portion of our inventory from the medical program to the adult-use program. This request must be approved before we will have any products available for sale.
  3. Once both of these items are complete, we will be authorized to request a "post-final license" inspection. The Cannabis Control Commission will inspect us again to be sure that items 1 and 2 are complete before making their recommendation to authorize us to commence operations.

Our best guess is that these items will be completed within 3-4 weeks. Please bear with us a bit longer - we're almost there!