Medical opening in Amesbury scheduled for Saturday, 9/26

By: Matt D.
September 21, 2020

ATG is thrilled to announce that we have passed all of our state inspections and are clear to open the doors to our newest medical program in Amesbury, starting this Saturday, September 26th.

We have all the experience that comes with being the first medical dispensary open in Massachusetts, and we're excited to extend the reach of medical patients we can meet with. With many of the smartest and most compassionate budtenders north of Boston, and an excellent variety of effective products, we can provide all the information needed by first-time visitors, long-time users, and anyone in between. 

As a reminder, please see this blog post if you're interested in joining the medical program in Massachusetts.

We should also be announcing the opening date of our Salisbury medical opening within the next week. Stay tuned...