Revisions to Financial Hardship Program

By: Chris Edwards
May 2, 2016

After much discussion, both internally and with the Department of Public Health, ATG has changed its Financial Hardship Program effective today (5/2/2016). Our original intention was to offer truly meaningful discounts to patients who could not otherwise afford the medicine that we provide. In order to offer meaningful discounts, ranging from 20-50% off of full price, it was necessary to limit the number of patients accepted into the program. This sliding scale discount was approved by the DPH, and has been in place since ATG first opened June, 2015. The program has been incredibly popular. We have received numerous testimonials from patients validating that the program has allowed them to access the medicine that they could not otherwise afford.

Meanwhile, a change in leadership occurred within the Medical Use of Marijuana program since our opening, and along with it, a slightly different legal interpretation of the verified financial hardship language found in the state regulations. It has been determined that the practice of establishing participation limits in RMD hardship programs will no longer be considered compliant. Accordingly, ATG has revised its program to remain compliant with state regulations.

Complete details about ATG's Financial Hardship Program are available for review under the "How much does the medicine cost" section of our website ( Essentially, we are now able to offer a 10% discount to all patients who qualify for the program, without limits on the number of patients to be accepted into the program. Patients who have already been accepted into the program at discount levels of 20-50% will continue to receive those discounts through the one-year term established in their acceptance letter.