So I Heard About Vaping, What's That?

By: Matt D.
July 8, 2019

Heard that there’s a new thing called “vaping” but not sure what that is? Here’s a quick overview so that the next time you come into the dispensary, you have a little information to work with when you talk to your budtender.

Vaping is short for vaporizing, which is a way to activate THC and other cannabinoids without full combustion, thereby removing the “smoking” component from smoking cannabis. It’s a way to inhale more of the active ingredients found in cannabis, without a lot of the smoke-related byproducts found in full combustion. In general, vaping will emit less of an odor, and since one cartridge can contain quite a bit of THC oil, vaping can be a great option for those interested in portability and discretion.

To vape, you usually need two components: The first is a vape pen, also known as a battery, which is a rechargeable device that powers the operation. Some vape pens will just turn on and be ready to go. Other models can have variable heat settings, and they come in many shapes and sizes. If you find a vape pen you like, it should last you a good long time.

You also need a cartridge, sometimes referred to as a cart, which can be filled with pure cannabis oil, or could also have some fillers, which can make for a smoother smoke, or can add flavor. Some cartridges are strain-specific, and some are more oriented toward flavors or effects, and they come in different sizes too. Don’t let the options overwhelm you! Your budtender will be able to talk you through the available options to help you find the right cartridge.

There are a few other options as well. Disposable pens are single-use all-in-one battery/cartridge combos that are good options if you’re visiting a legal state and don’t want to travel with cannabis when your trip is over. You can also buy what’s called a dry herb vaporizer, with which you can vaporize cannabis flower instead of concentrates.