Welcome to the ATG blog!

By: Chris Edwards
April 7, 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website blog! It is another tool that we intend to use for communicating a variety of things going forward, such as product launches, company news, industry & regulatory news, patient concerns, and articles of interest. We hope that you will find it useful. Please also consider joining our email mailing list, which we use to make special announcements, including new products and other promotions. The sign up for that can be found on our home page at atgcannabis.com.

Given that this is our very first blog post, I will take this opportunity to provide a brief history of Alternative Therapies Group, and how it came to be:

  • The "Act for the Humanitarian Medical use of Marijuana" was passed into law through a ballot initiative in November 2012. The Department of Public Health was subsequently assigned the task of studying other states' implementation of similar statutes, and drafting regulations for administration of the program here in the Commonwealth. Those regulations underwent considerable scrutiny and a few iterations before being adopted as what many consider to be the gold standard for programs of this type and scope.
  • ATG was founded as a Massachusetts non-profit organization in 2012. Our mission is to provide registered, qualifying patients access to safely cultivated and responsibly dispensed alternative forms of pain and symptom management, in strict compliance with Department of Public Health regulations. Our team shares a fundamental philosophy, which lead us to pursue a Registered Marijuana Dispensary registration: We believe patients with debilitating medical conditions should have access to medicines including cannabis which may improve their health or wellbeing, without being stigmatized, and in a safe/regulated environment.
  • ATG was selected as one of 20 finalists for a provisional certificate of registration in January 2014. This group of finalists was later reduced to 11 organizations, which ultimately received a Provisional Certificate of Registration June 27, 2014. On December 31, 2014, ATG became the first of these organizations to be awarded a Final Certificate of Registration. This designation allowed ATG to begin growing cannabis. ATG was then approved to commence sales of medicine to registered patients at our Salem dispensary June 23, 2015. Our doors were officially opened the very next day, making history as the first operational RMD in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Our team is comprised of accomplished individuals in fields including agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals, security, finance, non-profit management, health care operations and business. Per state regulations, all ATG staff, investors and board members undergo regular background checks.

There are many more topics to explore, which we intend to address here in future blog posts. We hope that you will check back again soon. As always, we appreciate your continued interest in ATG!